Who we are

Our logistics solutions enable us to act as a conduit between buyers and sellers. It allows us to gain valuable insights into the market, accurately forecast future market demand, and prepare ourselves to meet it efficiently.


Our vision is to become the go-to logistics company in the areas we serve. We want to be the preferred logistics solutions provider for all our customers. It includes individuals needing delivery services, businesses needing shipment of goods, and government agencies required transportation of sensitive documentation.


At Logistic SPAC, our goal is to match up with the biggest names in terms of delivery service quality, convenience, and customer experience while remaining personable.


Logistic SPAC has only one priority: to delight customers with our range of transportation and logistics services. Unlike the traditional logistics providers that stick to a particular niche, we offer our services to all people who may need them. Despite this, we make sure to tailor all solutions to our customers’ specific needs and requirements. After all, ensuring customer satisfaction is our topmost priority and the reason we exist.

Logistic SPAC staff will undertake brief training sessions to conform to the corporate culture. Our employees will be taught to believe in and practice the ‘the customer is always right’ ideology.


At Logistic SPAC, our main priority is to establish ourselves as a leader in the delivery/courier/freight forwarding/pickup services industries. We aim to achieve this by offering more competitive prices for deliveries, pickups, and freight forwarding than other transportation companies as well as real-time tracking for increased transparency.


We work closely with customers to understand them better, which helps us efficiently meeting their needs. We can do this because we are not as big as the established courier and delivery companies that have to deal with multiple clients and stakeholders, all at the same time.