The primary objective of any business is to make a profit, and the company is maintained and developed using this profit. However, some things need to be considered to make a profit and stay sustainable; this includes market dynamics, the volume of loyal customers, and the strategy for investment.

The key reason for starting Logistic SPAC is to create a company that can provide a unique delivery service while sustaining itself and profiting through income generation.

While the owner is looking to raise capital for the business, he intends to maintain a 100% share in the business. This is because of Logistic SPAC’s plans to ensure that the business generates sales and ultimately makes a profit within one year of our launch.

It is extremely necessary for us to have the right staff and company structure and that our workers are not only qualified but also skilled. Our workers will know what’s required to take our company to the top.

Beyond ensuring that our workers are compensated properly, we will look to make sure that they are regularly trained to keep them up-to-date with the skills required in the industry. Moreover, workers who carry out their duties faithfully and actively support the company’s image will be rewarded with bonuses and other benefits.