The advancement and proliferation of the internet, smartphones and other technology enabling increased connectivity in the past two decades has allowed a turnaround in the logistics industry.

Advanced technology and software have not only helped to minimize the cost to end-consumers by reducing the cost of ordering items, but it has also ensured quick delivery of products to customers, which is often the same day they order it.

At Logistic SPAC, we look to make use of advanced technology to better serve our customers and allow real-time tracking of goods and transportation vehicles. However, the volume of this technology required by Logistic SPAC is beyond the company’s means. We need all the financial assistance we can get to procure the technologies needed to provide the best logistics services possible to our customers.

As such, we invite every potential customer as well as interested investors to register for our initial public offering (IPO). Participation in our IPO is not just a way to support the company, but also a chance for you to make a profit on investment when, in due time, Logistic SPAC grows and becomes a leading logistics company.

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