Logistic SPAC has three core functions teams, which operate side by side to allow the company to fulfill its mission and deliver the logistics services promised.

The three core functions of Logistic SPAC are:

  • Finance department
  • Operations department/li>
  • Marketing department/li>

To offer a full premium logistics solution, the daily activities of the three functions will be synchronized.

All three functions will be headed by the owner, who will provide future direction and goals for the company. The operations and finance functions will work together to keep track of the deliveries which have been shipped and paid for. To ensure that both functions are aware of every single package, communication between them will be made mandatory at the end of business hours every night.

A manager will be appointed who will oversee both functions. He will also supervise the delivery drivers who will directly report to him. The following are brief profiles of our key team members.

Marc Deschenaux

Marc Deschenaux

Co-Founder & Partner

Marc Deschenaux is a world expert in Corporate Finance from private offerings to Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s). He raised private and public, equity and debt, for companies internationally. He also financed various types of operations, from import/export transactions to Real Estate Investment Trusts and organized governments loans.


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